Coral Class

Teacher: Sami

Class Team: Sumyea and Annie

Autumn 1: On the Farm Autumn 2: My Five Senses Spring 1: People Who Help Us
Spring 2: Getting Around Town Summer 1: My Home Summer 2: Growing and Changing

Sapphire Class

Teacher: Ebony

Class Team: Claire, Belinda and Novella

Autumn 1: BearsAutumn 2: Weather and Seasons Spring 1: Birthdays
Spring 2: Along the RiverSummer 1: DinosaursSummer 2: The Bakers Shop

Amber Class

Teacher: Yodit

Class Team: Val and Zoe

Autumn 1: BirdsAutumn 2: Up and Down Spring 1: London – My City
Spring 2: Into the WoodsSummer 1: Off We Go!Summer 2: Fruit Basket

Onyx Class

Teacher: Luis

Class Team: Eloise and Daniel

Autumn 1: Pond LifeAutumn 2: Sticks!Spring 1: Carnival
Spring 2: Artic Adventures Summer 1: Knights and Castles Summer 2: Up the Beanstalk

Emerald Class

Teacher: Jess

Class Team: Tammy, Abigail and Jenneh

Autumn 1: Under the SeaAutumn 2: Push and Pull Spring 1: Families
Spring 2: Buses! Summer 1: The Stone AgeSummer 2: Breakfast

Opal Class

Teacher: Fatima

Class Team: Moe, Jo and Nikki

Autumn 1: The Truth about the Three Little PigsAutumn 2: How it WorksSpring 1: Festivals and Celebrations
Spring 2: Journeys in SpaceSummer 1: Ancient Rome Summer 2: Healthy Me