School Lunches

Health And Nutrition And Lunches

A healthy diet improves concentration and learning.

Our school meals, provided by ISS, are cooked in our school kitchen with fresh ingredients and a salad bar. Please see our current menu at the bottom of this page.

ISS can provide individualised menus for children who have medical conditions – please ask the School Office for more details.

  • We provide children with a healthy balanced school meal
  • Fresh water is provided with the lunch meal
  • We recommend that your child has a school dinner every day. All Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children are entitled to a free school meal.
  • Children are offered a choice of 3 main courses.
  • We serve vegetables and a choice of desert including fruit
  • We do not serve pork


Eating and understanding healthy food is essential for good development for young children and learning about healthy mind and healthy body are key parts of our curriculum.

If you choose for your child to have a packed lunch, our packed lunch policy is:

  • One healthy starchy food – e.g. sandwich, pasta, rice, potatoes
  • A portion of vegetables – e.g. cucumber or carrot fingers
  • A portion of fruit 
  • One small packet such as crisps, breadsticks or rice cakes
  • One dairy snack – e.g. cheese or yoghurt (sugar free)
  • Water

We do not allow the following items in packed lunch:

Staff in the dinner hall will be checking packed lunches each day and seeing that they meet our expected standards.  If they do not we will be sending home a note with your child to remind you of what needs to be in a packed lunch box.

Please see below helpful information about ideas for a healthy lunch for your child. 

We are a NUT-FREE school.
Children who attend the Woodlark Autism Provision are offered a high level of support at lunchtimes. Woodlark teachers will work closely with parents of autistic children to address any issues relating to diet and to promote healthy eating.

Please encourage your child to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy balanced diet at home.