If your child has an accident at playtime they will be given first aid. Your child will bring home an envelope with a red cross on it to indicate the letter is for first aid. Inside will be a copy of the blue first aid form we use to record an accidents and injuries. If your child receives a bump to the head you will receive a phone call during the day to inform you of this.


If your child has a medical condition (such as asthma) you MUST inform the school office even if they do not require medication.

Ideally, medicine should be given by parents. Where possible we will comply with requests to administer medicine during the school day.

The school will only administer medication which has been prescribed or where written recommendation from a doctor has been provided and signed and stamped on letter headed paper.


Medication includes long term prescriptions such as asthma pumps, allergy medication, epi- pens, medication for conditions such as ADHD as well as short term prescriptions for illnesses.

  1. Complete and sign Medication Authorisation Form and give medication to the School Office.
    (Your child WILL NOT be given medicine unless this form has been completed and signed.)
  2. Medication will be put into a zip lock bag, and labelled with child’s name and class and stored
    either in the medical cabinet or fridge. (DO NOT give medicine to teachers and support staff)
  3. Paula Gordon (Learning Mentor) or a member of the Administration Team will follow the directions
    given in the Medication Authorisation Form in order to give medication to your child.

It is the responsibility of parents to:

  • Notify the school in writing if the pupil’s need for medication has ceased.
  • Renew medication when supplies are running low and to ensure that the medication supplied
  • is within its expiry date.
  • The school will not make changes to dosages on parental instructions, written authorisation
  • from a doctor is required.
  • School staff will not dispose of medicines.
  • Medicines, which are in use and in date, should be collected by the parent at the end of each
  • term.
  • Expired medicines or those no longer required will be returned to the parent for transfer to a
  • community pharmacist for safe disposal.
  • For pupils with a need for long term medication the school will liaise with the school nurse to
  • create a care plan.