Guidance on admission arrangements for academic year 2022 – 2023 is available here:

Lambeth Admission Arrangements

The latest admissions brochure for Lambeth primary schools is available here:

Guide to Starting Primary School

School Tours

Thank you for considering Larkhall Primary Campus for your child. School tours for prospective parents will take place each week on Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:00am. Prospective parents can call the Administration team on

020 7622 3820

Our virtual tour video is now live and can be viewed by clicking or tapping here.

Virtual Tour

We had a short Ofsted inspection in June 2023.

See our Ofsted Page.

Nursery Admissions

Larkhall Nursery is comprised of our 2 Year Old provision (‘Little Larks’) and our 3 and 4 Year Old provision (‘Larks’). Our Nursery is run by a fully qualified teacher and supported by Early Years Practitioners.

Our main intake is in September. Depending on availability, we can also offer places throughout the year. Applications to nursery are accepted all year round, though for a September start date we advise applications are submitted by April.

Nursery Capacity and timings of each session:

8:45 – 11:45
12:15 – 3:15
Full Time
8:45 – 3:15
Little Larks20 spaces (8:45 – 11:45)n/an/a20
Larks14 spaces14 spaces15 spaces43

*Depending on the needs of the cohort, these figures may change slightly from year to year.

Allocation of places

Children are eligible for a 2 or 3 year old nursery space the term after their 2nd/3rd birthday.
The AM session in Larks is designated as our ‘preschool’ session for children turning 4 and preparing for starting Reception the following academic year.
Our PM session is aimed at children aged 3 who are in their first year of Nursery, including children who transition from Little Larks.
Full Time spaces are allocated to both 3 and 4 year olds according to our admissions criteria below.

Funded Places

The 2 Year Old provision is available for families who are eligible for 15 hours a week funding. These hours are split into 3 hour daily morning sessions.
All 3 and 4 year olds have ‘ universal entitlement ’ of 15 hours of provision a week. At Larkhall this is organised into 3 hours a day, Monday to Friday.
Some parents will now be entitled to the 30 hours free childcare. This is organised into 6 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Information on this can be found on the following website:

Childcare Support Tax Service

Universal Early Education Funding entitlement starts from the term after the child’s 3rd birthday.
The set dates are:

Autumn Term: September 1st -December 31st
Spring Term: January 1st -March 31st
Summer Term: April 1st -August 31st

If a child’s funding entitlement changes, parents are entitled to a grace period of continued provision until the end of that term.

Top up hours for Full Time places

Families also have the option to pay for additional hours to enable their child to have a full time place if they are not eligible for the 30 hours funding. However, this is subject to availability and only available on a temporary basis. Top up places must be paid in advance of each week.

Note to parents: Full time nursery children must pay for their school lunch or provide a packed lunch. Snacks are provided to AM or PM children but we do not provide meals, children must have these before the start of their session.

Access and Inclusion

Larkhall Nursery is very inclusive for children of all needs. Children will not be turned away if they are still in nappies. Where children are aged 3 or over, we do expect them to be fully toilet trained. However, any children who require additional support with this will be supported. This will be discussed during the induction process.

The application process:

  • Apply directly to the school using the application form
  • The school will be in contact within 6 weeks to advise if there is a place available and which session.
  • Parents need to confirm if they are still interested in the space within 2 weeks. Completing an application does not constitute a guaranteed place.
  • Parents will be invited to an induction and sent induction paperwork to complete.
  • Induction meeting with the Early Years Leader to go over completed school paperwork and discuss their application.
  • Only after the induction meeting and once all admission paperwork, including funding declarations is complete, will an offer letter be sent to confirm your child’s space.

Settling in process*

  1. Home visit – including agreeing start date (Socially distanced meeting with teachers at school instead during Covid)
  2. Stay and play for parents (These are not taking place during Covid)
  3. Children’s ‘Settling in’ sessions
    A. 30 minute
    B. Half sessions for Full Time Children
    C. Further settling in sessions as requested/agreed by staff and parents
  4. Children start full sessions
    *This process may vary depending on any SEN/additional needs
Admissions and Oversubscription Criteria

Larkhall Primary Campus follows the Lambeth admissions policy for Community primary schools.
Criterion 1: Looked After Children
Criterion 2: Siblings
Criterion 3: Children with Exceptional Medical or Social Needs
Criterion 4: Children of staff at the school
Criterion 5: Distance

As a tiebreaker for all criteria, priority will be given to children living closest to the preferred school (measured by a straight-line) in accordance with the measuring information in criterion 5. However, in the case where children have exactly the same distance between their home and the school, the school will give priority to the oldest child.

Waiting List

If there are no available spaces, a waiting list will be held of in case places become available during the year. Waiting lists are constructed according to the oversubscription criteria outlined above and based on radial distance within each criterion. Late or in-year applications will be added to the waiting list in accordance with oversubscription criteria. No account is taken of the time spent on the waiting list. Parents may be asked periodically whether they wish to remain on the list. The waiting list will be retained until the end of nursery. Oldest children will be prioritised for spaces over younger children. Children’s names cannot be on the waiting list until they are 2 years old.

Withdrawing offers

Once a written offer has been made, there are limited circumstances in which an offer can be withdrawn – these are as follows:

  • Offers made on the basis of fraudulent applications
  • Offers made on the basis of intentionally misleading applications
  • Parents not responding to an offer within six weeks
  • A child is in receipt of more than their entitlement of nursery education
  • A family registering their child at two maintained settings

Entry to the Nursery does not give you a right of entry to the School. You must apply through your local borough for your child to join the Reception year. Please complete our online nursery admission form for September 2021 entry.

Nursery Admission Form

2 Year Old Nursery Application Form

3 Year Old Nursery Application Form

Reception Admissions

Larkhall Primary Campus is maintained by the London Borough of Lambeth and follows its policy on admissions. The school is open to any child in the age range of 4+ to 11. Please contact Lambeth local authority for further information.

Parents with young children should refer to Lambeth’s official guidance notes on starting school. Once you have been offered a place for your child to start at Larkhall, we will contact you to discuss the transition arrangements before your child starts school. If at any time you have any questions, however small they may seem to you, please do call the school office.

Children admitted to the Reception year are given opportunities to visit before they start school. During these times they are able to familiarise themselves with their surroundings and get to know their teachers.

The school endeavours to ensure that children with disabilities can be admitted and play as full a part in school life as possible.

In Year Admissions

Larkhall Primary Campus is maintained by the London Borough of Lambeth and follows its policy on admissions. The school is open to any child in the age range of 4+ to 11. Please contact the school direct to arrange a visit.