Lark Hall Parent Committee

The Mission of the Lark Hall Parents Committee (LHPC) is to be a strong voice for the parents of the school, encouraging their input and participation, and facilitating dialogue between them and the school; to be an umbrella that connects the parents’ initiatives and to manage school social events. We will serve as the ears and voice of Lark Hall School parents with the goal of strengthening our school and community, so our school can more joyfully support and enrich the lives of our children and parents.


The members of the LHPC also have a role to play in ensuring all our parents/carers follow the expectations within the school. We are happy to support parents/ carers in any way we can, however, we will also challenge those who do not follow the school expectations.


If you would like to contact the LHPC you can do so by sending an email at the following address: