Home School Agreement

We all agree the success of a child’s education is a direct result of home and school both working together in mutual respect; the teaching staff as the professionals and parents as first educators.


We are a Building Learning Power (BLP) School as we believe passionately in educating children who will be able to adapt to an uncertain future and become a lifelong learner. Our creative topic-based curriculum allows them to become divergent thinkers, skilling them with the tools in order to excel in all they do.


We create a culture in our classrooms that systematically cultivates children’s learning, enabling them to become better learners. This culture also allows them to grow in their confidence, enabling them to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly. Children who are more confident of their own learning ability find learning much more enjoyable and achieve much greater levels.


We take part in the Rights Respecting School project, an initiative run by Unicef to create safe and inspiring places to learn, where children are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive.


Underpinning the Lark Hall Curriculum are 4 key Drivers:

Communication, Aspiration, Knowledge of the World Enquiry



• I will develop my learning muscles.
• I will show that I understand my rights and the rights of others.
• I will always work collaboratively with other children in a positive manner.
• I will respect the property of the school, myself and others.
• I will demonstrate the Lark Hall PSCD traits when I’m in class and around school.
• I will always accept the consequence for my actions when I make mistakes.
• I will always follow the expectations of all adults.
• I will always try to manage my emotions to make positive behaviour choices both inside and outside of the classroom.
• I will not bring in prohibited items.




As a parent I agree to do the following:


Readiness for School:
• I will make sure my child attends school each and every day, from 8.15am - 3:00pm
• I will inform the school of my child’s absence before 8.30am
• I will ensure my child has a suitable night’s sleep ready for each school day.
• I will ensure my child eats a healthy breakfast and lunch.• I will ensure my child follows the school uniform policy and has their school bag and home-school diary everyday.


Communication between home and school:

• I will attend all meetings about my child, at the agreed times with the school.
• I will immediately inform the school if my contact details change.
• I will immediately attend the school in the event an emergency.
• I will ensure I read my child’s diary sign it each week.
• I will read all letters sent out by the school and reply when appropriate.
• I will always treat everyone in the school community with respect.


Parents As First Educators:
• I will support the school’s decisions about my child’s behavioural expectations.
• I will check and know that I am responsible for my child’s internet use, TV, gaming and social network use.
• I will ensure my child reads every day and completes all homework.
• I will attempt to take my child on as many cultural visits as possible.
• I will support my child in working towards achieving their academic and social targets.