School Development Plan

We are guided by our values, which are divided up into three areas.

Our why, our how, our what.

Everything we do springs from these three areas.

Our Why

We believe in thinking differently, to empower our staff and children to be dreamers and idealists in order to challenge the status quo. We feel inquisitive mind-sets will ensure we consistently challenge assumptions, identifying problems and adapting to solve them. This spirit of discovery will lead to continuous improvement. We do this through constantly striving to create a culture of putting staff first, trusting them to do their job, so they enjoy coming to work; happy staff, happy children, happy parents. We understand school is essentially a collection of people brought together around a common set of values and beliefs, thus creating a culture.


We embrace challenges and withstand setbacks
We look at problems from a different angle
We are thoughtful and deliberate, allowing us to think things through
We demonstrate positive feelings toward people Respectful  


We are a Building Learning Power (BLP) school, whereby children become aware of themselves as meta learners and understanding their brain is a muscle to be exercised We believe in the crucial role that character plays in a child’s development We understand a thematic approach to the curriculum creates purposeful learning opportunities for children and enables children to make connections in their learning We passionately believe that a child’s happiness, interest, joy of learning and mental well-being are central to the school curriculum  


In 2023 Larkhall will be a school with…

the highest reputation, one we genuinely deserve, where our excellence is manifest, where we are working in a research school in leading national developments in teaching & learning, and the best teachers and support staff want to come and work here – and children from all around want to come and learn here – because they know they will thrive.

the very best training programme for our staff, where every single colleague has a high quality development programme mapped out for them the moment they begin working at our school.   

truly great, evidence-based teaching & learning, where we have collaborated on finding out what works and evaluated our practice regularly against what we know works. 

a challenging, inclusive curriculum, built upon the foundations of reading, writing and Maths, and is shaped according to what our children need to know, understand and do in order to thrive for the rest of their lives. 

a core set of values that we live by, where our core values direct our every interaction to the point where they are woven through us like the words in a stick of rock. 

the highest expectations of children and ourselves, where every child, no matter their starting point, is expected to work as hard as he or she can, and behave as well as he or she can, without qualification. 

cherished wellbeing, where everyone is wholly committed to our work, but has time to enjoy life beyond Larkhall, so a school/home balance is in true harmony and we embody a celebratory, sustainable approach to life.

the unqualified support of our parents, where parents have the highest aspirations for their children, where they work with us, collaboratively, in educating their children. 

a highly functioning Relationship Policy, where our pastoral and academic systems operate seamlessly together as one to ensure that every child at Larkhall has the ‘can do mindset’. 

children making exceptional progress in their studies way beyond what even they themselves think they are capable of making, where we can be as sure as we ever can be that all our children set off into secondary school, with the personal skills, academic skills and aptitudes to thrive and of which they can be proud.



Strategic Areas to Focus On

1To establish a secure strategic position for the school by July 2023
2Develop clear communication channels and to ensure any action required or information shared goes to only the people required to know
3Ensure all non-teaching staff have clarity with regard roles and systems across the school
5Focus on the reputation of the school and decide on course of action that ensure all local families want to send their children to Larkhall
6Establish and implement Blended Learning across all year groups
7Ensure Building Learning Power (BLP) including split screen teaching is embedded throughout the curriculum
8Ensure breadth of curriculum knowledge is consistent through and across the year groups and is augmented with higher expectations of pupil progression
9Ensure accurate and high quality assessment is underpinned by AfL and moderation.
10Ensure accurate and high quality assessment is underpinned by AfL and moderation.
11To establish excellent relationships across the school
12Become a trauma-informed school, creating a schematic system for staff understanding of how to deliver strategies to better the life chances for children with ACEs
13Ensure Staff Well-Being is at the forefront of policies and systems for teacher development
14Parents support
15Consolidate the impact of Personal, Social Character and Development (PSCD) as the foundations of learning