Newsletter 1st September 2021

 Start of Year Letter

Wednesday 1st September 2021

Dear Parents

This is the first letter of the academic year and as always I hope you and your families are keeping well. I thought it would be helpful to provide you with key information about the start of this new academic year. 


Please see the arrangements below for the start and end of the day. The guiding principle for these arrangements is to enable the smooth and safe pick-up and drop-off arrangements for you and your children. 

At the end of the day we will no longer have a one-way system. Parents will arrive at one entrance and leave through the same entrance. We do ask all of our parents to be mindful of social distancing and leave the site promptly.

  • Please remember we have a ‘soft start’ where our children in Y1 – Y6 can arrive over 10 minutes.
Year GroupDrop off TimeDrop off LocationPick up TimePick up Location
YN (2 Year Olds)9:00Family Centre12:00Family Centre
YN (3 and 4 Year Olds)AM 8:45PM 12:15Smedley StreetMain GateAM 11:45PM 3:15Smedley Street
YR8:45Smedley StreetMain Gate3:15Smedley Street
Y18:40 – 8:55 Gaskell Street3:15Gaskell Street
Y2 – 68:45 – 8:55 Gaskell Street3:15Gaskell Street
  • All Reception and nursery children have different start dates in September, which have been given to parents in their Welcome Packs. They will not be starting on 2nd September. Sade called all EYFS families during the summer holidays to confirm the information they received in their welcome packs. 
  • Year 1 children will walk to their class through the blue door and through the main school reception area. 
  • Early in this autumn term the Year 6 children will have the opportunity to walk home on their own with written permission from their parents.  There will be more information to follow.


Please see below information about our new uniform. New uniform will have our new Larkhall Primary Campus logo on it.

Uniform Expectations:

  • Children must have at least 1 school logo jumper
  • Other school jumpers can be plain but must match the 4 school colours exactly
  • Children must have at least 1 pair of navy logo bottoms
  • Other jogging bottoms must be navy (not black, or grey)
  • Black trainers only (strictly no trainers with a coloured emblem)
  • EYFS children must have black trainers with velcro only (no laces)
  • Children must have a Larkhall Primary Campus bag
    • Book bags Nursery – Y2
    • Rucksacks Y3-6


We would like to invite all of our parents to a meeting very early in this new academic year. This meeting will be used to inform you of the expectations of your child in their new year group; you will also meet your child’s new teacher and see the learning environments. Our Parent Handbook will be emailed out to all parents, providing you with everything you will need to know. 

These meetings will last for approximately 20 minutes and during this time your child can either be with you or play in the Adventure Zone where they will be supervised by our staff.

Year GroupDate and Time

Year 1
These will be happening over the course of a few weeks, with a few parents at each meeting. These are designed this way because these children are moving from one part of the school (Smedley Street) to another part of the school (Gaskell Street)
Year 2Tuesday 7th September @ 3.15
Year 3Wednesday 8th September @ 3.15
Year 4Thursday 9th September @ 3.15
Year 5Monday 13th September @ 3.15
Year 6Tuesday 14th September @ 3.15
  • Meetings for Reception and Nursery took place at the end of summer term. There will be further EYFS meetings later in term 1 once children have settled in


As part of their end of year reports for 2020 – 2021 we created a Summer Learning Challenge for you to work on with your child. These activities were designed to be fun, quick and easy for you to do over the summer! Key sound, word and number skills will be assessed by their new teachers early this academic year.


We will be starting our After School Activities this term. Commencing early in the term, there will be a selection of clubs for our children to attend. They normally start straight after school and finish at 4:15pm. I will provide more details over the coming days.. 

That’s it from me. As always, if there is anything else myself or a member of the team can do to help and support you during this time, please do not hesitate to get in touch in the usual ways. 

Best wishes