Larkhall Primary Campus Newsletter

Friday 10th March 2023


  1. World Book Day
  2. Book Fair
  3. Little Larks Nursery (Two Year olds)
  4. Comic Relief Red Nose Day
  5. Chicken Pox
  6. Athlete, Victoria Ohuruogu, visit to Larkhall

Dear Families

I hope you all had a very restful half-term. It was great to see the children return to school on Monday.

As always, please take the time to look at the information within this Newsletter. It is being put on the website and onto Dojo.


On Wednesday 8th March, we held World Book Day at Larkhall.

Throughout the day we celebrated stories and authors. Children came into school dressed up as their favourite book character. Lots of thought went into the planning of their costumes and thinking about what they had at home to make a brilliant home made outfit.

To celebrate World Book Day today, the children worked hard to create their own class books.

These are going to be turned into REAL books! You can buy the books here:

-Link to buy printed book only:

-Link to buy Digital Flipbook only:

-Link to buy the bundle: (Discount code to get a discount to buy the bundle only: LARKHALL)

This was such an exciting chance to have your child’s writing and illustrations in a real life book. The school receives some money back too.

Thank you for your support. Any questions please speak to your child’s class teacher.


We are very excited to announce the Book Fair is coming back to Larkhall next week!

It will be located outside on the decking next to the main playground:

Monday 20th March: 8.15-8.45am and 3.30-4.00pm
Tuesday 21st March November: 8.15-8.45am and 3.30-4.00pm
Wednesday 22nd March: 8.15-8.45am and 3.30-4.00pm

Please come and have a look, there are lots of great books on offer! You can pay by cash or by online card payment.

Children can use their World Book Day tokens for £1 off a book.

If you have any questions please approach a member of staff.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!


The Little Larks 2 Year Old Nursery is expanding!

We are now able to offer LOW COST nursery spaces to ALL 2 year olds!

If you are interested, please come to the school office to collect an application form and to find out more!

Please note that Little Larks Nursery hours are 9am – 12pm.

We are also continuing to provide spaces for families eligible for FREE 2 year old funding. Please look online here to see if you are eligible:

We look forward to seeing you at the Family Centre soon 🙂


Next Friday, 17th March is Red Nose Day!

Everyone is invited to come dressed to school in red or pink and bring in £1 to donate towards Comic Relief. AS well as being an amazing charity, supporting children up and down the country, it is such a fun time of the school year and the staff and children really look forward it.

Lots of information about the charity can be found here:


We have had cases of chickenpox in the school recently. Below is guidance that I would ask all parents/carers to read.

What to do:

To prevent spreading the infection, keep children off nursery or school until all the spots have crusted over.

Chickenpox is most infectious from one to two days before the rash starts, until all the blisters have crusted over (usually five to six days after the start of the rash).

If your child has chickenpox, try to keep them away from public areas to avoid contact with people who have not had it, especially people who are at risk of serious problems, such as newborn babies, pregnant women and anyone with a weakened immune system (for example, people having cancer treatment or taking steroid tablets).

Chickenpox treatment:

Chickenpox in children is considered a mild illness, but expect your child to feel pretty miserable and irritable while they have it.

Your child is likely to have a fever at least for the first few days of the illness. The spots can be incredibly itchy.

There is no specific treatment for chickenpox, but there are pharmacy remedies which can alleviate symptoms, such as paracetamol to relieve fever and calamine lotion and cooling gels to ease itching.

In most children, the blisters crust up and fall off naturally within one to two weeks


On Wednesday 1st March the famous athlete, Victoria Ohuruogu, visited the school. All children came to school wearing PE or sport clothes for the day.

She came to run a fitness session with our children and lead an inspirational assembly about being a world class athlete. She has competed in the Commonwealth Games, European and World Championships in athletics running the 400m.

All of the children had the opportunity to be sponsored to take part and raise some funds for the school to buy new PE equipment.

The day was a resound success.

That’s it from me. If there is anything else myself or a member of the team can do to help and support you during this time, please do not hesitate to get in touch in the usual ways. I am also always on the Gaskell Street gates each morning from 8:30am.

Best wishes