Values and Mission Statement

The commitment of all staff is to create a successful learning experience that enables the children at our school to get the most from the time they spend here. Our ethos and practises are underpinned by evidence-based principles and intentions for teaching and learning, which in turn shape the way we work with children at Lark Hall. We prepare them for life beyond primary school and in doing so we strive to develop their minds, teach them the importance of character and create in them a sense of community, all of which can help them play their part in changing our world for the better.




Our Why

We believe in thinking differently, to empower our staff and children to be dreamers and idealists in order to challenge the status quo. We feel inquisitive mind-sets will ensure we consistently challenge assumptions, identifying problems and adapting to solve them. This spirit of discovery will lead to continuous improvement. We do this through constantly striving to create a culture of putting staff first, trusting them to do their job, so they enjoy coming to work; happy staff, happy children, happy parents. We understand school is essentially a collection of people brought together around a common set of values and beliefs, thus creating a culture.


Our How

∙ We embrace challenges and withstand setbacks in order to build Resilience in our children 

∙ We look at problems from a different angle and become Resourceful in seeking solutions 

∙ We are thoughtful and deliberate, allowing us to think things through, allowing us to become Reflective 

∙ We demonstrate positive feelings toward people and always being Respectful 


Our What 

∙ We are a Building Learning Power (BLP) school, whereby children become aware of themselves as meta learners and understanding their brain is a muscle to be exercised 

∙ We believe in the crucial role that character plays in a child’s development 

∙ We understand a thematic approach to the curriculum creates purposeful learning opportunities for children and enables children to make connections in their learning 

∙ We passionately believe that a child’s happiness, interest, joy of learning and mental well-being are central to the school curriculum