At Lark Hall we believe every child should experience a wide range of opportunities to learn about the world around them and the roles people play in both the local community and wider world.


Each half term teachers will plan for at least one trip or visitor for the children both in the main school and Centre for Autism. This may be linked to their topic or be a special event, such as a sports competition. All parents will be asked to make individual contributions for each trip their child goes on.

Children in the EYFS will experience going on a trip or meeting a visitor linked to their learning every 2 terms and will make the most of exploring the local area when out on a trip.


In the home school diary is a permission form for parents to sign to cover local areas trips for the whole year. This will cover trips within the local area that only involve walking and not the use of any public transport. Example of these trips will be to the local library, cinema, sports day, local shops, Lark Hall Park or Clapham Common and the Connected Learning Centre (CLC). This is also the permission for for children in Year 3 who will go swimming each week.


Throughout their time at Lark Hall all children will have the opportunity to visit 6 different places of
worship as part of the curriculum.


Year 1 – Christianity
Year 2 – Islam

Year 3 – Judaism

Year 4 – Hinduism

Year 5 – Sikhism

Year 6 – Buddhism



Residential trips provide the opportunity to experience being away from home and develop independence. 
Our Year 5 children will experience spending a week at Farms for City Nethercott Farm. Centre for Autism Year 5 pupils also take part but stay for a shorter period.
Our Year 6 children will experience spending a week at Sayers Croft outdoor activity centre. Centre for Autism Year 6 pupils also take part but stay for a shorter period.


Each term children can be selected to take part in a special reward trip. Children can be chosen for a number of reasons by any member of staff. Examples of why children are chosen may include:


  • Being a fantastic role model to others and upholding learning values
  • Excellent attendance and punctuality
  • Always being organised such as having correct PE Kit every week
  • Making great progress with their learning
  • Always showing their best effort with their learning

The reward trips vary as to where they take place. We try to build in opportunities to cater for all areas of the curriculum.