After School Clubs

We offer a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs for your children to take part in. These will be run by a member of staff or an outside professional invited in to share their expertise.  Please see the office or website for an up to date timetable of clubs provision, as it may vary over the course of the year. We will be offering clubs to suit a range of interests for our children such as arts and crafts, sports, music and other areas of the curriculum. A range of after school clubs are offered which are geared to meet the needs of children with Autism. Letters are sent home regularly offering opportunities to sign up for these clubs.


Lark Hall Primary Clubs - Spring Term 2019

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On a Friday afternoon, children from Year 1-6 take part in clubs for an hour.  All the clubs are led by a member of staff at the school.  There is a wide variety of clubs available for the children to choose such as art, sport, music, languages and outside learning. The clubs run for approximately 10 weeks and after this time children can choose a new club to be part of. Children from the Centre for Autism are supported by Centre staff during clubs.

Each term one Phase will do Forest School and Music instead of Friday clubs.



Club aims:

  • To develop the children’s interests in a range of creative activities.

  • To improve speaking and listening skills.

  • To develop the children’s confidence and enjoyment which will benefit them in other parts of the curriculum.

  • To develop the social skills of the children by working with different children and adults.

  • To allow Gifted and Talented children to develop their skills.

  • To develop the sense of community in Lark Hall Town.

  • To allow staff to develop their skills and interests.

  • To give teachers better insight into children’s extra-curricular skills and interests.