School Context

The school consists of the following organisations:


  • Mainstream primary school

  • Centre for Autism Resource Base

  • Lark Hall Children’s Centre

Main School:

  • Lark Hall is a large two form entry school on the Clapham/Stockwell border, with 420 pupils on roll.

  • There are three teachers across each Year Group, together with an Intervention Co-ordinator, who are highly skilled, typically of graduate calibre, support staff, together with a small number of TA’s

  • The School Development Team consists of a Reception Year Leader, together with two Phase Leaders covering Year 1 & 2, Year 3 & 4, a Year 5 Leader and Year 6 Leader,  Literacy Leaders and a Maths Leader, Personal, Social Character Development Leader as well as Future Thinking Leaders

  • The Senior Leadership Team, consists of Head, Deputy, three Assistant Heads, SENCo and School Business Manager

  • The main school operates a cross-curricular thematic approach to teaching and learning, as well as being part of the Building Learning Power program.

  • Stability is lower than the national average.

  • Deprivation is very high. well above the national average.

  • The proportion of children in receipt of Free School Meals is 35%, well above the national average.

  • The proportion of children in receipt of Free School Meals is particularly high in the current Year 6 at 43% and Reception at 42%. Children in receipt of Free School Meals is lower in Year 5 at 25% and Nursery at 30%

  • The proportion of children from Minority Ethnic Groups (95%) is well above the national average and the percentage of children whose first language is not English is high across the school.It is at its highest (98%) across Year current Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6. It is at the lowest (88%) in Year 1.

  • The proportion of children from White British/Irish background  (5%) is well below the national average 

  • Black African (30%), Portuguese (16%) and Black Caribbean (12%) are the highest Minority Ethnic Groups.

  • 70% of the pupils at Lark Hall speak English as an additional language. The year groups with a particularly high number of children for whom English is an additional language are Year 5 with 81%, Year 6 with 80% and Year 2 at 73%.

  • There are 42 different languages spoken by children at our school.

  • The gender split is 48% of the pupils on roll are girls and 52% of the pupils on roll are boys.

  • Overall SEN within the mainstream school (EHCP & SEN Support) is 21%. 3% EHCP and 18% SEN Support. The number of children in the SEN support category has increased since 2015-16 academic year.

  • The percentage of children with SEN is higher in the current Y6 (27%) and Y2 (24%) where the other years groups have on average 20% SEN pupils.

  • The proportion of pupils with a SEN statement or EHC plan has increased since 2015 and is above the national average.

  • Children with speech, language and communication needs make up the largest SEN group.

  • The school commisions a full time Speech and Language Therapist.

  • There is a higher percentage of high attaining pupils in the current Year 4 and Year 5

  • The school has the majority of vacancies in Reception and Year 1.

Centre for Autism:

The Centre for Autism is a separate provision on Lark Hall premises, situated in an exclusive annex, and consists of 32 children within 4 classes.

All children have statements or EHC plans for autism, which states they all have access to specialist ASD provision.

All of the children are achieving well below age-expected levels due to the difficulties they experience as a result of their autism.

The staff and children are part of the inclusive Lark Hall environment, but the children are taught exclusively within the Centre for Autism and do not access the national curriculum.

The children access the curriculum through the SCERTS curriculum and the Equals schemes of work.


Lark Hall Children’s Centre:

The Children’s Centre supports all local families with children aged 0 – 5.

It is working in collaboration with Stockwell Primary School Children’s Centre and Jessop Children’s Centre.

The staff consist of a manager and Better Start Worker, together with two EYEs.