The mainstream school attendance for 2016/17 was 95.2%. Improving this is a priority to bring us in line with or higher than the national average.




If they are absent for any reason it is your responsibility to ring the office or send a letter in to explain why they are absent.  If a letter is sent it must be received on the morning of the absence. Absence for medical appointments will only be authorised with an appointment letter. Holidays during term time will not be authorised by the Head Teacher.


When bringing your child to school, you must accompany them to the school gates.  This is to ensure your child arrives safely at school where they can go straight into class.


An unauthorised absence will be recorded when there is no reason given for absence.  Absence due to illness or medical appointments must be reported on the same day as the absence.


At the end of the school day children must be collected on time at 3.00pm. 


Centre For Autism

Children who attend the Centre for Autism must be accompanied to school by an adult and taken to the decking area where they will be met by Centre staff. Children should be supervised in the playground until they are collected by staff.


Children arriving by school transport will be met by Centre staff and escorted safely into school.