Message from the Headteacher

Larkhall is such a special place and I am grateful and honoured to lead a dedicated group of staff: they provide truly remarkable opportunities for the children. At Larkhall we set high standards for work and behaviour. We passionately believe that a child’s happiness, interest, joy of learning and mental well-being are central to the school curriculum.

As Head, I am unashamedly and unapologetically idealistic about the power of education to transform young people, and I feel Larkhall Primary Campus is the perfect environment for this to happen. Our aim is to ensure our children, your children, are empowered, enabled, and treasured. Our children are respected and valued as independent and autonomous individuals, where they are known and deeply cared for by every member of staff.

We believe intelligence and ability are not fixed, helping to develop children’s minds, teach character and create in them a sense of community, all of which can help them play their part in changing our world for the better. We expect all members of the school community – children, staff, parents and governors – to work together to maintain these standards and for children to work purposefully towards achieving their best at all times.

Our school focuses on building our children’s curiosity and critical thinking, through delivering an exciting and progressive curriculum facilitated by passionate teaching specialists who have chosen to teach because they love the Larkhall creative curriculum and are lifelong learners in themselves, but also because they wish to share this knowledge with young people.

Larkhall provides an environment that buzzes with scholarship and academic enquiry, but fundamentally also celebrate experiential learning and all of the so-called ‘soft-skills’ learned through the many extra-curricular programmes we offer. These include performing and expressive arts, mindfulness, sport, and activities where our children can be challenged outside of their comfort zone, celebrated for their intrinsic passions and skills, and where they can learn so much about who they are and what makes them tick.

Perhaps most importantly, however, Larkhall Primary Campus prioritises the mental health and wellbeing of each and every member of our community; Our relationships with each other is the golden thread that runs through everything we do. Our children are nourished and nurtured as we help them navigate their way through developing their sense of self. We want our children to be happy, confident, and understand themselves, but also understand and care for those around them. It is this combination that will help them make the world a better place.

There are so many other attributes that make Larkhall Primary Campus such a special school, whether that is our informal dress code or how all staff are referred to by their first name. Our amazing site grounds provide our children with the physical space to run, play, imagine and enjoy the freedom and other wondrous aspects of being young. Larkhall Primary Campus is unique and distinct, and we are proud to be so because we know how motivating, inspiring and nurturing this is for the young people in our care and how it helps them achieve their highest potential.

I hope you will enjoy discovering more about Larkhall from the website, but please come and see the school too so you can experience the very special atmosphere for yourselves.

Gary Nichol – Head Teacher