Ethos and Values

Larkhall Primary Campus (where universal talent meets universal opportunity)

Larkhall Primary Campus consists of five diverse areas:

● Family Centre For Parents of 0 – 5 Years Olds
● Little Larks 2 Year Old Nursery
● Larks 3 and 4 Year Old Nursery
● Woodlark Autism Provision
● Larkhall Mainstream Primary School

We are guided by our values, which cover three areas.

  1. Our Purpose
  2. How we will deliver this
  3. What we do.

Everything we do springs from these three areas.


We believe in thinking differently, to empower our staff and children to be dreamers and idealists in order to challenge the status quo. We feel inquisitive mind-sets will ensure we consistently challenge assumptions, identifying problems and adapting to solve them. This spirit of discovery will lead to continuous improvement.

We do this through constantly striving to create a culture of putting staff first, trusting them to do their job, so they enjoy coming to work; happy staff, happy children, happy parents. We understand school is essentially a collection of people brought together around a common set of values and beliefs, thus creating a culture.


The Larkhall child will be:

  • Resourceful – The Larkhall child will have a creative mind, look at problems from a different angle, enabling them to become resourceful in seeking solutions and a limitless capacity to meet any challenge
  • Resilient – The Larkhall child will have strength of character enabling them to embrace challenges, withstand setbacks in order to build resilience and navigate their way through life
  • Reflective – The Larkhall child will have an appreciation that successful outcomes involve immersing themselves in practical, creative, physical and academic activities, with a focus on the arts and an enriched curriculum creating in our children the ability to think things through, allowing them to become reflective
  • Respectful – The Larkhall child will demonstrate positive feelings toward others, have a sense of civic duty and compassion for the world they live in and at all times being respectful to all.



We understand an experiential topic-based approach to the curriculum creates purposeful learning opportunities for children and enables children to make connections in their learning. Built upon the foundations of reading, writing and Maths, we passionately believe that our bespoke curriculum, both within and beyond the classroom, has a relentless focus on engaging and involving all our pupils. It is shaped according to what our children need to know, understand and do in order to thrive for the rest of their lives.

We look at problems from a different angle and become Resourceful in seeking solutions. We are thoughtful and deliberate, allowing us to think things through. We feel inquisitive mind-sets will ensure we consistently challenge assumptions, identifying problems and adapting to solve them. Every child, no matter their starting point, is expected to work as hard as he or she can, and behave as well as he or she can, without qualification. This spirit of discovery will lead to continuous improvement. 

Teaching and learning are personalised throughout the curriculum through tailored programmes for a wide range of pupils with differing needs, so that all are able to receive appropriate challenge or support as needed in order to participate, progress and achieve.  


We believe in the crucial role that character plays in a child’s development. Character refers to ways of thinking, acting, and feeling that benefit others as well as ourselves. Character has many facets, incorporating strengths of heart, mind, and will. Strengths of heart (such as gratitude and kindness) enable harmonious relationships with other people. Strengths of mind (such as curiosity and creativity) enable independent thinking. Strengths of will (such as grit and self-control) enable us to achieve goals.

At Larkhall, we develop children to embrace challenges and withstand setbacks in order to build Resilience. We passionately believe that a child’s happiness, interest, joy of learning and mental well-being are central to the school curriculum. Our children make exceptional progress in their studies way beyond what even they themselves think they are capable of making, where we can be as sure as we ever can be that all our children set off into secondary school, with the personal skills, academic skills and aptitudes to thrive.

Provide stimulating learning opportunities, introducing children to extra-curricular provision

Larkhall is the key to opening the secret garden that will leave a legacy to improve children and children’s development. At Larkhall we are very proud of the extra-curricular provision we run, enabling as many children as possible to access a class, enabling them to learn a new skill and discover a new passion. 

Our rich curriculum ensures that we provide world class education for all of the children. Enrichment is every pupil’s entitlement and we promote opportunities to learn beyond the classroom which inspire and motivate pupils to achieve outstanding progress in their chosen field. Focusing on the arts and an enriched curriculum creates in our children the ability to think things through, allowing them to become Reflective.

The school week also includes the opportunity for practical, creative and physical activities, both within and outside the classroom. As the children progress through the school the number of specialist subject lessons increases and the children have the opportunity to experience a variety of teachers and teaching styles. The development of health, fitness, physical activity and emotional and mental wellbeing is also a priority for all our children.

Ensure we are a school rooted in the community

We are committed to improving the life chances of our children, both within our local community and beyond. We achieve so much more when we work together to bring about real success and improvement for ourselves and families. We are also so much happier when the improvements we, as individuals make, also improve the lives of those around us and our local community. Our sense of community enables us to look back at where we have come from, to see where we are today and to support us where we hope we’re going. 

Children leave Larkhall feeling secure and prepared to enter the wider world as active and responsible participants in society.  We are confident that our curriculum prepares our children for careers in a fast changing world, developing them into global citizens who have lively and enquiring minds. Our children will demonstrate positive feelings toward others, always being Respectful to others.