Update 6th July 2020

Dear Families


I do hope you are all well in the circumstances.


I have not overloaded you with updates from me over the last couple of weeks. I know you are receiving updates from your child’s teachers in the form of work and telephone calls and I didn’t want to add to these channels of communication unnecessarily.


I am getting in touch now because on Thursday 2nd July the Government officially announced that all children will be returning to school in September 2020.


Everybody at Lark Hall is very excited to finally see all of our children back at school.


These last few months have been a very strange time for our children, staff and everybody connected with Lark Hall and we cannot wait to get back to slightly more normality. The children have missed their teachers and the teachers have missed having all of their children in class.


A note for your diaries! The first day of term will now be Monday 7th September. The previous start date was Thursday 3rd September.  This change is to ensure that the logistics of putting into place all of the guidance from the government for a safe return to school are securely in place. I know many of you have been concerned about returning to school and I want to stress that starting on Monday 7th September will ensure we have the time to put clear procedures in place to minimise any safety concerns our families, children and staff have.


I write to you again and provide specific details about each year groups return to school in September.


There is one major change for September that I want to make you aware of. Currently the start of the school day is 8:15am and the end of the school day is 3:00pm. From September 2020 the new start time will be 8:45am and the new finish time will be 3:15pm.


The main reason for this change is that many children and families find the early start of the day difficult in terms of their children waking up very early and being on time for 8:15am.


Another reason is that this new start and finish time brings Lark Hall in line with most other schools, whose start time is closer to 9:00am and finish time closer to 3:15pm.


Many families who have children attending both Lark Hall and secondary schools have also indicated that this new start time and finish time will help them.


Breakfast club will continue to be available with 8 spaces from 7:30am until 8:45am and a further 8 spaces from 8:00am until 8:45am. The cost will remain at £1.50 per day.


The Hub after school childcare provision will continue to be available from 3:15pm-5:30pm. The cost will remain at £5.00 per day. There will be a maximum of 16 spaces available.


Please be advised that families will need to book and pay in advance in order for your children to be able to attend Breakfast Club or The Hub after school childcare. You will receive an email during the summer break from the Lark Hall Administration team giving you details of how to do this.


If your email address or telephone number has changed you need to contact the admin team urgently to update your details otherwise, you will not receive the updates about your child’s return to school.



Just to reiterate


  • The new academic year starts on Monday 7th September 2020


  • The new school day starts at 8:45am and the new school day finishes at 3:15pm.




Kind Regards

Gary Nichol