Update 4th March 2021

Dear Families



We are so looking forward to welcoming all our families back to school on Monday 8th March. 


Thank you for supporting home learning, which we know has been challenging for many. Many children have learnt how to work independently and use IT better - great life skills, but now is the time to restore the fun and social interaction that comes from being together in school.


During these significant changes, we all want to support our children to share a sense of normality returning. Being part of the real school community, meeting friends in person, enjoying lessons in a classroom, having social time, playing sports and being together cannot be done at home.


Hopefully, we are nearing that time when we can get back to that normality, when life can slowly return to normal. However, now is not the time to be complacent and relax. Schools are reopening (hurrah!) but lockdown continues to be in place across much of society.


We know that families are anxious about their children returning to school. Schools have never been safer and at Lark Hall we have put in place every conceivable measure to ensure all of our children, families and staff are as safe as possible. All children will be in their original classes with their familiar staff team and will continue to operate as a bubble; i.e. they will have a staggered break and lunch times they will not be mixing with children outside of their classes. 

There is also more information on the Lark Hall website, such as health and safety risk assessments and a video showing you and your children what to expect when they arrive on Monday 8th March. These can be found in the Coronavirus section of the website and will be available to view from Friday.


The start and finish times are as they were in December.


  • At the Smedley Street entrance Nursery and Reception will start at 8:45am and finish at 3:15pm (Nursery AM will start at 8:45am and finish at 11:45am and Nursery PM will start at 12:15pm and finish at 3:15pm.
  • At the Gaskell Street entrance Year 1 children will start at 8:40am and finish at 3:10pm
  • At the Gaskell Street entrance Year 2 – Year 6 children will have a 15 minute window to arrive, between 8:45am and 9:00am and they will finish at 3:15pm


There are ways in which you can help a safe return to school:

  • Reassuring your child to reduce anxiety 
  • If your child shows any Covid-19 symptoms, do not send them to school, inform the school and arrange for a test. 
  • Explain Lark Hall’s Covid-safe measures to your child. 
  • Walking, cycling and scooting is the healthiest, safest way to travel to school and elsewhere.

We thank you in advance for your ongoing support and ask that you follow all our systems put in place at all times.  Our focus will be on ensuring we all stick to all the safety measures we have in place. Be mindful, these measures below are not optional extras. These are critical to ensure we get back to normal as quickly as possible.



➔    Maintain 2m distance from others - including queuing at the start and end of the day

◆     Queues may be slow to begin with while we assess how quickly parents move through the playground at the end of the day.  Please be patient with us.

➔    Always wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth

➔    At the end of the day, follow the one-way system through the playground

➔    Please leave the site once you have collected your child

◆     If you need to speak with the class teacher then please make an appointment by phone or email.

➔    Avoid chatting with other parents in groups (especially near the car park gates)

➔    Access to the school office is by appointment only


These measures are in place to protect our children, their families and staff. If these expectations are not being followed you should expect to be approached by a member of staff.


In summary, we are delighted to welcome back all of our children. The safety measures in place are designed to ensure we are all safe to allow us to be back in the place where we all belong – school.


Finally, I am sending this letter out on a Thursday to allow our families time to understand the systems of control in place for Monday 8thMarch. It will also allow time for anyone to contact the school on Friday 5th, where I will be more than happy to discuss any concerns families may have.


Best wishes