Update 26th February 2021

Dear parents,


This is the first weekly letter this half term and as always, I want to start off by hoping you and your families are as well as can be expected in the present circumstances.


Thank you for your continued support and for working in partnership with us to ensure we get through these most challenging of times.


First off, to reiterate, following the Prime Minister’s announcement this week I am pleased to confirm that all children can return to school on Monday 8th March at the normal time.


This is wonderful news. It is so important that we get all our children back to school - for their sake and probably your sanity too!


We are acutely aware that the transition back into school for some children might take a little adjustment and staff are preparing for that in their planning for when the children return to school.


The arrangements in school on the 8th March will be very similar to those at the start of the academic year in September. We are completely aware that we are fully opening the school during what is still a pandemic and as such the school will be maintaining the health and safety measures in order to reduce the possibility and risk of infection.


Our initial focus from the 8th March is making sure all children are back in their normal full classes and being taught by their usual teachers. As the remainder of the year progresses, we hope to be able to re-introduce other normal aspects of school life such as assemblies and after school clubs, in line with government guidance.


I am confident that as a learning community we can quickly settle back into a routine, which is what all the children need. As always, this will require everyone’s co-operation in playing their part in making the systems and protocols work. Thank you in advance for your support.


I will write to you again before the return date of Monday 8th March to confirm final arrangements for 8th March.


The entire staff at Lark hall are looking forward to seeing you all soon.


That's it from me. In the meantime, if there is anything else myself or a member of the team can do to help and support you during this time, please do not hesitate to get in touch in the usual ways.


Best wishes

Gary Nichol