Update 22nd May 2020

Dear Lark Hall Families,



As you are aware the government announced that they would like schools to open the gates for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from 1st June 2020. As you will understand, Lark Hall are following the guidance published by the government on 14th May 2020.


Through the many conversations we have had with families over the last few days, we appreciate many of you are uncertain as to how school will look when we reopen.


We would like to reassure you that we are doing all we can to protect the children, families and staff. Since the announcement to reopen, the following principles have guided our actions. These are:


  • Ensuring our children have a happy return to school
  • Protecting and restoring the emotional well-being of our children
  • Ensuring a safe hygienic school environment for staff and children


This letter contains important information, including the times of the day, classroom arrangements, lunchtime arrangements and what we need families to do to help this reopening be as safe as possible.


The leadership have devised a set of stringent protective measures to minimise the risk of transmission around the school. In order to do this, we have used a set of documents that have been provided by the government. The documents we are following are:


  • Planning Guide for Primary Schools
  • Managing School Premises which are partially open
  • Cleaning in Non-Healthcare Settings
  • Implementing Protective Measures in Education and Childcare Settings
  • Fire Safety in New and existing school buildings


Below are set out detailed plans for reopening. Please be aware that these may change if new guidelines are released over the coming days. I will of course inform you immediately if this does happen.


The School Day


  • Families and children will need to arrive at their allotted time. See separate letter for your child’s arrival and collection time.   
  • Whilst waiting outside at the start and end of the school day and whilst entering the school premises there will be 2 metre markings on the pavement. Families must follow the social distancing measures to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.
  • Children will have their temperature taken using an infra-red thermometer before entering the school premises.
  • If your child’s temperature is over 38” you will be asked to take your child and self-isolate for 7 days. Any siblings in other year groups will also be asked to return home. Others in the household will need to isolate for 14 days.
  • At the start of the day, children will walk to their class line on the playground. Members of staff will be on hand to guide the children to their line.
  • Children will be washing their hands very frequently throughout the day for 20 seconds.
  • At the end of the day children will be brought to their class lines on the playground. See separate letter for your child’s collection time.
  • Families must be on time at the start and end of the school day.
  • We are staggering start and finish times to ensure there is no crossover between year groups.
  • If families wish to speak to their child’s teacher, they can telephone the school and leave a message or email the teacher. Please be aware that traffic to emails is busy at the moment so allow 24 hours for a reply to any email.





  • Each class will be called a Hub.
  • Each Hub will be named after an animal.
  • There will be no more than 15 children per Hub.
  • Each Hub will have adults attached to them.
  • The adults will remain with the children at all times.
  • The plan is for each Hub to have two adults. This may not be possible due to absence rates of staff.
  • The adults may not be their usual teacher or support staff.
  • Children will sit at their desks and each child will be provided with their own stationery and books.
  • The desks will be spaced 2 metres apart.
  • Classrooms will be wiped down at regular intervals through the day.



Playtimes and Lunchtimes


  • Children will have playtime and lunchtime with their Hub.
  • They will not mix with other children from other Hubs on the playground.
  • The playground has been divided into 4 sections ensuring each Hub will be spread out.
  • Children will be escorted to lunch in the lunch hall.
  • Each Hub will have their own area to eat in the lunch hall.
  • Children may bring in a packed lunch if they choose.
  • Hot lunch will also be provided for children choosing a school lunch.
  • Children will be provided with individual water bottles. These will be labelled with their name on. These will be cleaned at the end of each day.
  • Please note: we cannot expect children to adhere to social distancing rules whilst in the playground. The Government have accepted this and the guidance states, ‘early years and primary aged children cannot be expected to remain 2m apart from each other and staff ….. but protected measures will be put in place for staff and children, as far as possible, to ensure that the risk is reduced’.



What families are required to do:


  • Ensure children are in clean clothing every day.
  • School uniform should still be worn.
  • Do not give your child any PE kit or PE bag.
  • Children should not bring in any belongings from home.
  • If it is warm weather please do not send your child in with a coat.
  • Coats must be washed weekly.
  • Your child must attend school each day.
  • School cannot be used as a drop-in service, where families pick and choose when their children attend.
  • Monitor your child and family members closely. If anyone in the household displays symptoms please keep your child at home and inform the school immediately.
  • Families must be on time at the start and end of the school day.
  • We are doing all we can to minimise the risk of transmitting coronavirus and we need your help to do this. If families are late to drop off or collect their child it means that there may be some cross-contamination, as children will come into contact with other children not in their Hub. If your child is brought to school too late you will be asked to take them home. If your child is consistently collected late at the end of the day we will not be able to accommodate your child returning to school.
  • We cannot accommodate children being collected early, unless we have called you as your child is unwell.
  • Be contactable at all times. If your child is displaying symptoms of coronavirus whilst at school we will call you. We will need you to answer and collect your child as quickly as possible.
  • Please make sure we have your correct numbers to contact you on.
  • Do not turn up at school unannounced. Families and visitors are not allowed on site unless it is absolutely necessary. If you need to drop something off for your child, you will be asked to wait at the school entrance and a member of school staff will come and collect it from you at the gate.
  • Ensure you have spoken to your child about the importance of social distancing.



Whilst it is not compulsory for your child to attend, we strongly encourage you to do so. Please note, families will not be fined if they choose not to send their child into school. Home learning will still continue for children not attending school.


Finally, we understand you may have questions regarding the reopening of school. As always, if you have any questions please call the school on 020 76223820 or email me at head@larkhall.lambeth.sch.uk



Many thanks for your understanding and patience during this difficult time. The children have all been missed and we cannot wait to see them.


Best wishes,