Update 22nd January 2021

Dear families


As always, I want to start off by hoping you and your families are as well as can be expected in the present circumstances. Thank you for your continued support and for working in partnership with us to ensure we get through these most challenging of times.


As you know it is my intention to write to you all at least once each week to provide updates from Lark Hall. In this letter I want to particularly highlight the importance of children’s learning during this time.


In my letter dated 11th January, I stressed that it is extremely important we as a school monitor the children’s progress to ensure they are not missing out on any of their learning. The aim of course is to ensure as much as possible that when they return to school, our children are working at the required level they should be.  


I want to say a huge thank you all for all your efforts with home learning and to stress the importance of keeping at it. The daily home learning will help our children stay in a routine and support their wellbeing. Of course, each morning our children receive a ‘Hello' from their teacher in order to kick-start their day.


I want to stress that I do know it is far from easy to copy what goes on in school whilst our children are at home. This is why we are working hard to ensure you and your child have everything you need to carry on with school work throughout this period.


Google Classroom and Dojo

You are all aware that we have Google Classroom and Class Dojo for our children’s home learning. Children carrying out this work is an essential part of their learning and should be seen not as homework but as essential classroom learning.


Google Classroom and Dojo Feedback

I know our families have different circumstances and routines so providing the work is carried out each day, that is the main thing. Our teachers and/or support staff are on hand to respond to any feedback or questions our children have with regards the work they are carrying out on Google Classroom.

When using Google Classroom, it is really important that children click on the “Turn in” button, which can be found at the top right hand corner of the page, it is a grey rectangular button that says “turn in”. When your child clicks on this button it sends their learning to their teacher who can then mark in and give them feedback either via a comment or during their telephone call. Please remind your child/ren to click this button so that teachers can assess and ensure your child is making progress. If you have any questions about this please ask your child’s class teacher when they call. 

If your child is completing one of the activities on paper, the easiest way to submit this work is to take a photo and either upload it onto Google Classroom or email it directly to their teacher. If your child needs a notebook, then please let their teacher know when they call.


Teachers making Telephone Calls

Teachers will also make telephone calls to our children once each week. It is very important teachers are able to get through to ensure our children are receiving any support they require during this time. I want to remind you that sometimes this call may appear as a ‘Withheld Number’ or ‘Private Number’ so I urge you to take the call when it comes through.


Technological Support

We know access to technology is an issue for many of our families. When teachers are making the weekly telephone calls to families we are checking that our families are able to access Google Classroom and Dojo. For those families that have problems with technology we have allocated a number of laptops to support them with their child’s learning. We have also secured broadband support for some families that have internet connectivity issues.


Paper-Based Learning

Finally, for a small number of families who are not able to use Google Classroom or Dojo, we are providing paper-based learning to support children’s learning. This is for a limited number of families and is not in addition to Google Classroom and Dojo. 


In terms of Home-Learning, we feel we are doing all we can. But please let us know if there is any more support you require.


We are facing a ‘once in a generation’ crisis and all of us at Lark Hall do not want our children to fall behind in their learning and are ready for their return to school.


That's it from me. In the meantime, if there is anything else myself or a member of the team can do to help and support you during this time, please do not hesitate to get in touch in the usual ways.


Best wishes


Gary Nichol