Update 1st May 2020

Dear parents/Carers

This is the latest in the weekly updates I am providing to all of our families during this period.

As you know, communication between home and school is always vital, but particularly now. Which is why we are keeping in touch through a variety of means.

Over the last week our teachers have called each of our children to check in with them and see how they are. We hope our families have found this helpful. We will carry this on over the coming weeks. Just to remind you, these calls will be made during school hours and may appear Number Withheld or Unknown Number on your telephone.


There is also a weekly message from members of the leadership team on Lark Hall’s youtube channel.


Of course, you all have your child’s teachers email addresses. Please do get in touch with them for any questions you have about any of the online or paper-based resources.


If any family would like to speak to a member of the leadership team at Lark Hall, please contact the school on 020 76223820. We are on hand during the school day.


If you want to communicate with Gary, his email address is head@larkhall.lambeth.sch.uk


For anything else, you are always welcome to contact the school in the usual ways via email or telephone.


As you are all aware, we have tried to ensure all of our families have the learning resources to access whilst the children are at home. To remind you all, each Monday by 10:00am new work will be uploaded onto the website. There are also paper-based resources for children to use. If any family would like these paper copies please contact the school to arrange a time to come in and collect a pack.


Just to remind our families, Sarah Jane Green, who is a Yoga teacher, has produced a yoga session especially for our children and families. It is amazing and if you haven’t already done so, please click on the link below to access it.


Finally, I do want to remind all of our families that on-line safety is so important right now. This is a time when children are vulnerable and the potential for exploitation will be at the highest within the online community. The Safer Internet Centre has identified the following online risk categories:

  • Behaviour: children sharing too much information.
  • Contact: strangers, bullies, groomers or radicalisers contacting children.
  • Content: age-inappropriate or unreliable content or fake news.
  • Commercialism and financial exploitation: hidden costs of advertising apps, games and websites.
  • Extremism and radicalisation.  

Sorry to end on a negative note, but please pay close attention to your child’s internet use.

That’s it from the leadership team at this time.

In next week's Parent Letter I will hopefully have news about school reopening.

In the meantime, stay in, keep safe and we will be in touch again very soon.

Kind regards

The Senior Leadership Team