Update 17th july 2020

Dear Lark Hall Families,



I hope this letter finds you are well in the circumstances.


As you are aware the government announced that schools are to welcome back all of our children from September 2020. This is wonderful news. As you will understand, Lark Hall are following the guidance published by the government on 2nd July 2020.


Through the many conversations we have had with families over the last few days and weeks, we appreciate many of you are uncertain as to how school will look when we reopen.


We would like to reassure you that we are doing all we can to protect the children, families and staff. Since the announcement to reopen, the following principles have guided our actions. These are:


  1. Ensuring our children have a happy return to school
  2. Protecting and restoring the emotional well-being of our children
  3. Ensuring a safe hygienic school environment for staff and children


The leadership have devised a set of stringent protective measures to minimise the risk of transmission around the school. These include:


  • At the start and end of the school day, whilst waiting outside the school gates there will be social distancing markings on the pavement. Families must follow the social distancing measures to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.


  • Children will be learning with their usual class and in their usual classroom.


  • Throughout the day we will minimise children from one class mixing with other children from other classes on the playground.


  • Children will be washing their hands very frequently throughout the day for 20 seconds.


  • Classrooms and classroom equipment will be wiped down at regular intervals through the day.


  • Children will have playtime and lunchtime with their class.


  • Each class will have their own seating to eat in the lunch hall.


To remind all of our families, the children start back on Monday 7th September and will need to arrive at school for a prompt 8:45am start and to pick the children up promptly at 3:15pm.


In September the children will be wearing school uniform. Items of school uniform can be purchased via the school office. A change this year is that school bags will now no longer be provided free of charge and will need to be purchased. A separate reminder of the school uniform will be sent by my colleagues in the Administration Team on Monday 20th July.


At lunchtime, children can either have a hot school lunch or bring in a packed lunch. Children will be provided with individual water bottles. These will be labelled with their name and will be cleaned at the end of each day.


If children display symptoms of coronavirus whilst at school, we will call you to collect your child as quickly as possible.


What we are asking of our families in September is that they:


  • Closely monitor you children and family members and if anyone in the household displays coronavirus symptoms, please keep your child at home and inform the school immediately


  • Our families, therefore, should be contactable at all times


  • Provide the school with correct numbers to contact you on


  • Speak to your children about the importance of social distancing



Finally, we understand you may have questions regarding the reopening of school. As always, if you have any questions please call the school on 020 76223820 or email me at head@larkhall.lambeth.sch.uk


I will write to you again at the end of the holidays and provide you with more details about the children’s return in September.


In the meantime, many thanks for your understanding and patience during this difficult time.



Best wishes