Coronavirus Home Learning

To contact teachers with regard any questions, please email them directly at their email address below.  


Families, to remind you, if would like paper copies of Home Learning resources for your children, please contact the school to arrange a time to come in and collect a pack. These packs contact materials for Maths and English.

Once you have completed all of the Home Learning resources, then please focus on the following activities that are always worth maintaining every day are:

  • Reading and listening to stories
  • Reading and spelling the key word for your year group (these are in the Home Learning Diaries)
  • Practising quick mental addition and subtraction and learning times table and division acts
  • Please also look at other websites, such as BBC Bitesize - and the national academy -

I do want to stress the hazards of spending too long looking at screens. As you are accessing lots of educational resources, then please try to limit the amount of your child’s passive screen time, such as TV shows, etc.


Please click or tap the buttons below or the site navigation for home learning resources which can be used during Coronavirus crisis.

Below is a very useful link for parents/carers with regard to online safety. It includes most of the apps and games children might use.

Please see this link for our Youtube account to help with remote learning.

Teachers names and Email addresses