Welcome To The Centre For Autism


At Lark Hall's Centre for autism we strive to provide an environment where children and their families feel welcome and supported.

We aim to enable every child to become the very best they can by nurturing and encouraging their individual strengths and interests. Pupils are supported to develop and use strategies that help them to overcome and cope with their difficulties.   We recognise that every child is different, and each individual child is always our starting point. In addition to academic achievement, the focus at Lark Hall is on developing every child's communication, social and emotional regulation skills. This is supported by ensuring each child develops his or her independence through the teaching of life skills which are key to building confidence and self-esteem. 

At Lark Hall Centre for Autism we aim to:-

  • Provide a school community where everyone is valued and supported
  • Offer a positive educational experience for each child in our care
  • Celebrate and nurture every child’s strengths and support their needs
  • Offer opportunities for children to develop skills by offering motivating and meaningful activities.
  • Ensure that the views of everyone involved with the child are considered
  • Provide a safe and secure learning environment
  • Ensure the wellbeing of every child in our care

At the Centre for Autism we follow the national curriculum but also offer a modified curriculum to ensure children are able to participate in all areas of the curriculum and learn effectively from their individual starting points.

A framework has been developed to cover all the requirements of the National Curriculum.  A copy of the learning journey, outlining the topics that will be covered is sent home each term.

At the Centre for Autism we apply a variety of teaching methods to suit our pupils’ different learning styles. Some children benefit from a multi-sensory approach that accommodates their kinaesthetic and visual learning styles. 

Tasks and activities are broken into manageable chunks to help students with organisation and sequencing skills.
 Our curriculum planning promotes differentiated targets and outcomes in every area, always tailored towards an individual’s needs. 

Heavy emphasis is placed on our social skills programme. This is taught both as a whole class and by focusing on individualised targets. It plays a vital role in helping our students develop friendships as well as positive interactions and self-image. 

At The Centre for Autism we place importance on the generalisation of skills and knowledge, as well as on developing functional skills as part of our independence and life skills curriculum.   We teach to half-termly themes which helps to engage children and to connect different areas of our curriculum. 

We place value in fostering positive attitudes towards school.  Learning should be fun, and students should be motivated to achieve their best, proud of their achievements, and confident in their own abilities.

  • Always listen to the child and ensure that their views are acknowledged