The Centre for Autism follows a separate admissions process to the main school. Admissions are processed by Lambeth SEN.


  •  A diagnosis of Autism
  • A statement or EHC plan
  • The child fits the profile for resource base

If parents are considering a specialist provision for their child they should contact Sam Witchalls (Assistant head - Centre for Autism) to arrange a visit to the school.

It is of the utmost importance that parents make an informed decision with regard to their child’s educational placement therefor it is advisable that they visit an number and range of specialist provisions in order to assess where they feel their child’s needs would be best met.

If a parent wishes to apply for a place in the Centre for Autism the procedure is as follows:- 

  • They should make their preference known at their child’s annual review meeting.
  • The child’s papers will be sent by Lambeth SEND to the Centre manager for consultation.
  • The Centre manager will send a response to Lambeth SEND within the specified period, stating whether or not we can meet their child’s needs.
  • As part of the assessment process the Centre manager will arrange to visit the child in their current setting.
  • If we feel we can meet the child’s needs and a place is available we will offer a place.
  • If there are no places available we will offer to keep the child on a referrals list until a place becomes available.