Educational Visits And Trips

School visits are an essential part of the curriculum at the Centre for Autism. They supplement learning and enable pupils to access a topic in a fun and hands-on way. Sometimes we go on a visit as a way to introduce a topic and generate the pupils’ enthusiasm   or at the end of a topic to help consolidate learning. We also offer special trips as a reward e.g. end of term trips to the cinema or at the end of the year the year 6 pupils go to a theme park.

All of the children will have the opportunity to access visits. Some children may find it difficult to cope in certain situations e.g. busy public spaces or there may be issues around their safety.  In such cases we will assess whether it is appropriate or safe for the child to take part in the visit and where necessary, we will provide extra resources e.g. 1:1 support. We may also ask a parent/carer to accompany the child.Sometimes we organize visits for the whole Centre. This gives children a chance to share the experience with children from the other classes. 


Educational Vistis Help to:-

  • Develop and extend knowledge and understanding of a topic
  • Develop social and communication skills  e.g. behavior in public places, meeting new people
  • Develop safety awareness in relation to travel – crossing roads, travelling on buses, tubes and trains, stranger danger
  • Develop life skills and Independence in relation to travelling on public transport, crossing roads and visiting public places


Prior to all visits and trips a risk assessment is carried out by the class teacher and shared with all staff involved in the visit. We ensure a high ration of staff to children. Parents support on visits is always welcome.