Cooking is a very motivating activity for many children with autism. It provides a range of sensory experiences and it can be used to facilitate teaching in a number of curriculum areas including literacy, maths and science. Cooking is also an important life skill that will help our children to be independent in their future. We have a well -equipped, dedicated kitchen area which can be used for the sessions.


  • Cooking teaches pupils a range of skills that are required in making something tasty and healthy to eat
  • It offers a sensory experience -  touching, tasting, smelling and mixing ingredients to make a wide variety of products that they can eat
  • Pupils are encouraged to name and describe ingredients and to read and follow simple recipes in the correct sequence.
  • Cooking offers children an opportunity to develop speech and language skills by encouraging them to request, comment make choices and also to share their opinions about foods they like or don’t like, this is supported by using signing and symbols where necessary.
  • We use cooking sessions to facilitate  teaching of math skills such as counting, measuring and weighing
  • Pupils are actively supported in observing how heat and cold can affect the ingredients we use and this establishes links with our Science curriculum, we also look at plants as food and the effects of food on our bodies
  • We teach the importance of personal hygiene when preparing food and this is always discussed and acted upon before and during the sessions
  • Through cooking we encourage children to cook and taste foods from a range of cultures and countries
  • We look at where our food comes from and which foods are healthy or unhealthy.
  • Our cooking sessions ensure that each pupil experiences all the steps involved in the making process.
  • Life skills such as safety in the kitchen, safety when using equipment, hygiene when cooking, knowledge of healthy and unhealthy foods are taught through cooking sessions


Teachers plan for cooking sessions throughout the year and all classes have a weekly cooking session as part of their timetable.